Our Story

* SEMAK company aims to be the first leader company in the Middle East that offer the best safe and effective cosmetics, inspired by natural secrets and components , with specifications that exceed international quality standards
* By 2020, SEMAK company aims to be, the first Arabic company that exports natural cosmetics to all African countries and the Middle East

Our Main Component

Argan Oil
Jojoba Oil
Almond Oil

Semak Team Always Use Organic Components In Our Products Which make it unique.

Semak Products Work better simply because they are made with superior ingredients.

It’s like cooking. … Better ingredients mean better results. Those with sensitive can especially benefit from organic beauty products that contain high quality


SEMAK established  the principle that ( beauty is a right guaranteed to all) , So SEMAK will help you to identify  your beauty secrets by discovering the secrets of nature and its components to gain  the positive energy and to take advantages of all its secrets and components

*Beauty is the simplest of your rights, therefore we send out all our thinking and our efforts to establish the principle that( beauty is a right guaranteed to all).

*Every day with SEMAK, you will recognize the latest news about the natural  masks, recipes and mixtures to reach the summit of your beauty.

*Beauty has a lot of meanings ,it  may be ,  your confidence in yourself, or  the splendor of your first date, or   love at the first sight, or  your chance  for new life, or even it may be your sense in permanent youth.

*With SEMAK you will find  new meanings of your beauty , you will never feel it,  except with SEMAK.


* Beauty has Secrets :SEMAK will reveal your beauty secrets through the best natural recipes
* Beauty is a commitment :our commitment is to provide quality, effectiveness and safety
* Beauty is a science :our scientists are specialized in the natural structures and its impact on your beauty
* Beauty is a mercy :we are not using animal derivatives in our products
* Beauty is a promise :With SEMAK you will find new meanings of your beauty , you will never feel it, except with SEMAK